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Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
Supporting new and unsigned bands alongside some classics!
Category: Alternative
Location: Gothenburg
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Lover of music in the form of Power Pop, 60's, Northern Soul, Surf, Punk, Mod and Mod Revival etc etc etc........

by Wayne Lundq...
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July 08, 2020 10:56 AM PDT

The Hunters - Russian Spy and I (Nederbeat 63-69 LP)
Brand New Luddites - The Internet Took My Baby (Terms And Conditions LP)
Jacques Labouchere - Like California (Single)
Kid Gulliver - I Wanna Be A Popstar (Single)
The Aquaholics - Ice Cream Soup
Missing Bees - Smell Like Robots (Not My Kind Of Sport LP)
West Coast Music Club - Jim Morrison (Preferred Him In The Smiths) (Greetings From Ashton Park, West Kirby LP)
The Sharks - She's Gonna Make Me Go Blind (South Of The River EP)
Simone Joan Mansfield - Turn Your Frown Around (Soldier On Single)
Ron Lynne - Hey Dakota (Cinderella Blvd LP)
Fervid - Nowhere To Turn (Break Up LP)
The Click Beetles - To Rule The World (Pop Fossil LP)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch - Shame (Single)
The Difficult Stranger - Fairy In Disguise (Single)
Garlands - Play Games (Single)
Maxwell Watts - Tom Boonen (Single)
RAF Mod Band - Split Town (Single)
Vix 20 - Try Again (Single)
Missing Bees - Honey B Goode (Not My Kind Of Sport LP)

July 02, 2020 07:58 AM PDT

Tinted Windows - Kind Of A Girl (Tinted Windows LP)
Spygenius - If You Go A-Roving (Man On The Sea LP)
Hi-End - A Way Of Life (Class Kicks LP)
Teenage Fanclub - Too Involved (Catholic Education LP)
Dfactor - Automatic Focus (Single)
You're Among Friends - Waiting For Life To Start Making Sense (Start Making Sense LP)
Vince Melouney - Women (Make You Feel Alright) (Single)
Carol Martini - Don't Read You (The Art Of Singing While Drowning LP)
Family Values - I Don't Roll (With The Boys No More) ICM Comp LP
The Yum Yums - For Those About To Pop (For Those About To Pop LP)
Arthur Alexander - One Bar Left (One Bar Left LP)
Ash - Kung Fu (1977 LP)
Some Sprouts - Summer Daze (Single)
Mack Rice - Baby I'm Coming Home (Single)
Mom - Tonight (Single) Malmö
The Melancholy Kings - Niomiah (The Melancholy Kings LP)
Wilson & The Catholics - Hockey On T.V (Galaxy Train LP)
Clay Howard - Gonna Listen (Single)
The Members - Sounds Of The Suburbs (Single)
Long Boards - Gnarly Surf (Single)

June 25, 2020 03:51 AM PDT

Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog (Single)
The Yum Yums - I Lied (Whatever Rhymes With Baby LP)
The Evanstones - The Heat (1961 LP)
The Forty Nineteens with Tony Valentino - Late Night Radio (Single)
Brontosaurus - Theme From(These People) (These People LP)
The Ace - Eating Excitement (Riot Of Sound LP)
Jim Trainor - Grace & Beauty (Glass Half Full EP)
The Bikini Machine - Bikini Machine (The Bikini Machine EP)
The Reflectors - U Should Be My Girl (First Impression LP)
Ed Ryan - Even Time (Even Time LP)
Stephen Lawrenson - Yoru Karma (Obscuriosity LP)
Tommy Reltone - J'Entends ma Barbe Pousser (Single)
The Gentle Scars - Dirty Like You (Songs For The Loveless LP)
Psychotic Youth - Cold Hard Cash (Steroids Revisited LP) June 20th
Lorraine Silver - Lost Summer Love (Single)
Orbis Max - Icarus (Single)
Dullards - Unlucky For U (Single)
The Suncharms - Emily Layne (The Sands Of Time LP)
Nick Piunti and The Complicated Men - Going Nowhere (Downtime LP)
The Sinclairs - Dodgems (Sparkle LP)
Brontosaurus - Band Of The Week (These People LP)
The Loblaws - Banana Stand (Split with Vista Blue EP)

June 18, 2020 10:27 AM PDT

The Rutles - Ouch! (The Rutles LP)
The Sinclairs - La Venta (Sparkle LP)
The Forty Nineteens - Crocodile Tears (Single)
Carol Martini - That's Love (Single)
Splitsville - Home (Ultrasound LP)
Canine 10 - Someone To Love (Nonsense LP)
The Plastic Pals - Hanging In The Louvre' (It Could Be So Easy, Free & Fine EP)
Duncan Reid and The Big Heads - For All We Know (Don't Blame Yourself LP)
Francois Premiers - Don't Put Me On (Francisopolis Single)
Caper Clowns - Bonsai Tree (Single)
Drool Brothers - She's Got The Beat (Positive Reinforcement Cookies LP)
Love - Always See Your Face (Four Sail LP)
The Sinclairs - Lipstick Rumble (Sparkle LP)
The Evanstones - Alki Stomp (1961 LP)
Jim Basnight - Not Changing (Best Lover In The World LP)
Victims Of The New Math - Don't Fade Away (Another Noble Failure LP)
Canine 10 - Coulda Done Stuff (Nonsense LP)
New York Dolls - Trash (Single)
Salvatore Baglio - Let's Rock N Roll (Musicita LP)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Tiki Tuku (The Sleaze EP)
Small Faces - What'cha gonna do about it (Single)

June 10, 2020 12:08 PM PDT

The Vapors - Spring Collection (New Clear Days LP)
The Breadmakers - Take The Lot (The Breadmakers LP)
The Cudas - Call In Sick (Forever) (Single)
Joe Jackson - On Your Radio (I'm The Man LP)
The Vapors - Crazy (Together LP)
The Honey Boys - Anna (The Honey Boys LP)
The Easy Button - Please Don't Rock Me Tonight (Can't Shake That Tune A Tribute To Fountains Of Wayne LP)
The Lemonheads - The Great Big No (Come On Feel The Lemonheads LP)
The Turnback - Vertical Groove (Single)
The New Piccadilys - Complete Control (Introducing The New Piccadillys LP)
Hawaii Mud Bombers - Suzuki Samurai (Mondo Primo LP)
The Lovers Key - Maybe I'm Not Good Enough (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow LP)
The Jangle Band - So Long (The Metro Hotel EP)
The Vapors - Nuclear Nights (Together LP)
Nick Frater - Ice Cream Man Jingle (Vignettes LP)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Single)
The Vapour Trails - The Conversation (Golden Sunshine LP)
Tommy Neal - Going To A Happening (Single)
French Boutik - The Word (L Ame De Paris LP)
Brad Marino - At Night (False Alarm LP)

June 05, 2020 09:18 AM PDT

The Pretty Things - The Sun (Emotions LP)
The Most - I Got You (Single)
El Mapache - Here Comes Summer (Single)
Fur - If You Know That I'm Lonely (Single)
Los Sustos - Alta Tension (Single)
The Seasongs - I'm On An Island (Lockdown Sessions)
Ian Person - Forever (Single)
Tom Curless and The 45% - Always In Between (Almost Ready For The Future LP)
Pauls - Chasing The Sun (Single)
The Vapour Trails - Behind You (Golden Sunshine LP)
The Thinglers - Without You (Single)
Beach Boys - 409 (Surfin' Safari LP)
Protex - Shining Star (Tightrope LP)
Caroline and the Treats - I Wanna Dance With You (Bad All Over LP)
Doojiman & The Exploders - Milk (Doojiman and The Exploders II LP)
Honestly, Anywhere - Dead Friends (Single)
Joe Benoit - The Longest Weekend (Single)
Sugar Snow - He Knows I Love Him Too Much (Single)
The Len Price 3 - Lai-Ha Lam (Chinese Burn LP)
The Vapour Trails - Lonely Man (Golden Sunshine LP)

May 27, 2020 09:42 PM PDT

Weezer - Buddy Holly (Blue Album LP)
Buddy Holly - Wishing (Single)
The Grip Weeds - For Pete's Sake (Stay At Home) (Single)
Garlands - Where Things Belong (Single)
Oddfellow - Dear, Patience (Single)
Juniper - Kids On My Corner (Juniper LP)
Tad Overbaugh & The Late Arrivals - Bill Stares At The TV (Open Road and Blue Sky LP)
Fountains Of Wayne - Someone To Love (Traffic And Weather LP)
Go Dog Go - Feet On The Ground (Single)
Roland Alphonso - Phoenix City (Single)
65MPH - Past Glories (Single)
The Cudas - Cheap Trick (Single)
Simon Love - Not If I See You First (Sincerely S Love LP)
The Knickerbockers - One Track Mind (Single)
The Boolevards - She Shines (Real Pop Remix LP)
The Elevator Operators - It Could Do Me Better (Single)
The Jubilee Mystics - Jesus Take The Wheel (Single)
The Corner Laughers - The Accepted Time (Single) Big Stir
LMNOP - Constant Change (Elemen Opee Elpee LP)
Vista Blue - The Senators Daughter (Can't Shake That Tune, A Tribute To Fountains Of Wayne LP)
Stephen's Ruin - No Use Pretending (Single)

May 20, 2020 12:13 AM PDT

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (single)
Nada Surf - Teenage Dreams (The Stars Are Indiffrent To Astronomy LP)
Wyldlife - Teenage Heart (Out On Your Block LP)
Braddock Station Garrison - Forgotten Teenage Dream (A Hint Of Recognition LP)
Honeywagon - Anywhere The Wind Blows (Halfdog LP)
Cupid's Carnival - Working All Day (Colour Blind LP)
Red Skylark - Bad Dream (Collection 1 LP)
It's Karma It's Kool - The Girl Who Gave You Everything (Woke Up In Hollywood LP)
The Who - A Legal Matter (My Generation LP)
Jordan Jones - Text You Back (Single) Beluga Records
The Crushing Violets - Dragon (Single)
The Beat Nicks - Can't Be Sad About It (A Big Much Of Sixties Dutch LP)
Daniel Insa - She Said Yes (The Wind Speaks Softly LP)
The Targets - Mods Dancam Sos (Single) (Mods Dance SOS)
Lisa Mychols & Super 8 - Honey Bee (Single)
Bronzettes - Hot Spot (Single)
Pony Death Ride - Where Did All The Ladies Go (New LP out soon!)
Ultimate Fakebook - This Unfrozen Girl (The Preserving Machine LP)
Sam Hoffman - All The Places (Hit The Hay Volume 11 LP)
The Byrds - It Won't Be Wrong (Single)
Deathray Davies - Plan To Stay Awake (The Kick And The Snare LP)

May 13, 2020 12:28 AM PDT

Generation X . Ready Steady Go (Single)
Grant Lindberg - Gimmie Strength (Single)
Chris Lund - Every Thing Is Fine (Single)
Kekker - Family Bird (Greatest Hits Vol. 1&2 LP)
Badfinger - Just A Chance (Wish You Were Here LP)
The Booze - California Blonde (Easy Beats In Modern Times LP)
Surfer Joe - The Surfside Of The Showman (Swell Of Dwell LP)
Amoeba Teen - Hickory Hill (Medium Wave LP)
Diamond Hands - Tomorrow Can Wait (Diamond Hands lll LP)
Cotton Mather - Password (Work Demo) (Innocent Street LP)
Juniper - Best Kept Secret (Juniper LP)
The Immediates - Caroline (Tailor Made Cut LP)
The Newds - Drawing A Line (Drawing A Line LP)
Jamie Whelligan - Rabid Hole (Single)
The Jam - Absolute Beginners (Single)
Filthy Filthy - (My Baby's Got The) Shakes (Single)
Dalaplan - För Sent (Single)
The Sonics - Psycho (Single)
The Earthlings - Everything At Once (Just Visiting LP)
The On and Ons - Monday Blues (Menacing Smile LP)
The Newds - Coastline (Drawing A Line LP)

May 05, 2020 11:41 PM PDT

Blondie - In The Flesh (Single)
Answering Machine - Marie (Bad Luck LP)
The Brittanicas - Walls & Stars (Single)
The Gurus - Sleeping Girl (The Gurus LP)
The Kaams - Don't Forget My Name (Kick It LP)
Strangers In A Strange Land - Broken Tambourine (Single)
Surf Katz - Dangerous Surf (Single)
Sugar Snow - The Word Yes (Sugar Snow LP)
Camens - Leave Me In Pieces (Single)
The Jac - I Hate Your Job (Single)
Jeff Dahl - In My Mouth (Electric Junk LP)
Wyldlife - Deathbed (Year Of The Snake LP)
Love Hearts - Say Yes (Melt My Heart LP)
The See No Evils - Bleed (Out Of The Shadows LP)
Cosmic Rough Riders - Melanie (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine LP)
Flying Ant Day - When I'm Dead (Do The Flying Ant LP)
The Hi-End - Perfect Company (Class Kicks LP)
John Dredge and The Plinths - All The Rage (The Plinthsmania EP)
Flying Ant Day - Drifters (Do The Flying Any LP)
The Drifters and Ben E King - I Count The Tears (Single)

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