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Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
It's cooler than ice cool!
Category: Pop
Location: Gothenburg
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Lover of music in the form of Power Pop, 60's, Northern Soul, Surf, Punk, Mod and Mod Revival etc etc etc........

by Rick.N.Baker
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September 23, 2016 10:25 AM PDT

The Chiffons - Oh My Lover (The Chiffons LP)
Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love (Here)
Baby Scream - Life's Better When U R High (LIfe's A Trap LP)
Ray Paul - A Fool Without Your Love (Whimsicality LP)
Nick Piunti - Ready For Whatever (Trust Your Instincts LP)
Cracker - Nostalgia (Kerosene Hat LP)
Arvidson & Butterflies - Alright (Arvidson and Butteflies LP)
The New Trocaderos - Brain Gone Dead (Kick Your Ass LP)
Fuzzy Vox - Great Balls Of Fire (Masters Technicolor LP)
Len Price 3 - Lai-Ha Ham (Chinese Burn LP)
The Vanjas - Blast Off (The Vanjas Sing and Play Rock And Roll LP)
The Regning Monarchs - Fanfare For The Well Dressed Man (The Reigning Monarchs LP)
Somerdale - The News (Shake It Maggie LP)
The Orange Drop - J'admets (Stoned In Love LP) Mega Dodo Records
Sons Of Morning - Way Beyond (Sons Of Morning LP)
The Blendours - Molly E. (Old Wives/The Blendours Split LP)
The Ackermans - One With Us (No One Knows Us Better Than....LP)
The Twistaroos - I'm Ready (The Twistaroos LP)
The Lurkers - Then I Kicked Her (Fulham Fallout LP)
The Midwest Beat - Need You Badly (At The Gates LP)
The Pink Spiders - Going Steady (Hot Pink LP)
The Bitch Boys - Twenty Thousand Leagues (Ride The First Wave LP)
The Above - Say You're Cool (There Is A Reason LP)
Don Ray - Born A Loser (Single)
Idle Talk - Inner Demons (Single)
Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (Single)
The RPMs - I think It's Stupid (Single)

September 16, 2016 11:17 PM PDT


James Clark - Blow Up A Go Go (Blow Up A Go Go LP)
Vista Blue - This Time Of Year (Summers Over EP)
Searching For Sylvia - Playing Your Game (Look At How Far LP)
The Chessmen - Gonzo (The Chessmen LP)
Caddy - Twister (Electric Hero LP)
Fuzzbubble - Rockstar Parking (Not Lame Supercharged Flash Light Pops LP)
Teenage Fanclub - Older Guys (Single)
Tommy and the Rockets - What Am I S'pose To Do (Beer And Fun And Rock N Roll LP)
The Who - Don't Look Away (A Quick One LP)
The Doves - The Day That You Were Born (Single)
The Reign - Nothing Comes Around (The Long Wait LP)
Instant Flight - Go Ahead And Don't Look Back (Around The Gates Of Morning LP)
Teenage Fanclub - The Darkest Part Of The Night (Here LP)
Nezrok - Birth Of A Smile (Single)
The Zou Bisou - Voodoo Boy (Single)
The Vibrations - Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Single)
That Driving Beat - Wishing And Hoping (Good Loving EP)
Rob Clarke And The Wooltones - Bag A Go Go (Brown Paper Bag Single)
The Armoires - Norma Corona What Have You Done (Incidental Lightshow LP)
Really 3rds - Everyday, Everyway (Single)

September 09, 2016 11:00 PM PDT

Madness - Believe Me (One Step Beyond LP)
The Forresters - On My Way (Single)
Boys On The Beach - I hate This Addiction (Addiction EP)
Paul Melancon - Jeff Lynne (Some Soundalikes Sometimes Sound Like LP)
Eddy Best - All Night Long (Bang Bang! LP)
Rezillos - No (The (almost) Complete Rezillos LP)
Leika - Fly (Single)
Merry Widows - Beautiful Girl Harbour Master (Password EP)
Anderson Council - Friday's Girl (Assorted Colours LP)
The Pinecones - Gloomy Monday (Ooh! LP)
Nick Piunti - One Hit Wonder (Trust Your Instincts LP)
The King In Mirrors - The Deepest Blue (Talk About Today EP)
The Blend - Don't Waste My Time (Single)
The Jam - Funeral Pyre (Single)
Mati Jasu And The Loose Train - Light The Lights (Gone To The Dogs LP)
The Connells - Carry My Picture (Ring LP)
Nick Piunti - Trust Your Instincts (Trust Your Instincts LP)
Dusty Springfield - Losing You

September 01, 2016 09:44 AM PDT

Ash - Angel Interceptor (1977 LP)
Aerial - Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School (Why Don't They..... LP)
Pallenberg - Sweet Suicide (Single)
Phenomenal Cat - Satellites (Single)
The Kinks - Set Me Free (single)
The Blondes - California Sunshine (Swedish Heat LP)
Doc Vinegar - Afternoon In Brighton (Tea Party LP)
Ian Person - Yo Yo (Single)
King Jartur and His Lords - Marlene (Summer Fun EP)
Rooni - Who Are You (Single)
Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms - Gorgeous w/guitars (Basement Punk LP)
Cheap Star - Memories (Songs For The Farelly Brothers LP)
Searching For Sylvia - Read I For You (Look At How Far LP)
Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat (Single)
Baby Shakes - Summer Sun (Starry Eyes EP)
Greek Theatre - Sunniest Day (EP)
Somerdale - The News (Shake It Maggie LP)
Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms - Watch Me Explode (Basement Punk LP)
The Ace - I Dream Love (Single)

August 27, 2016 01:27 AM PDT

Petula Clark - La Agent Secret (Single)
David Newton and Thee Mighty Angels - Bittersweet (Paint The Town EP)
Colour Me Wednesday - Two Fifty For You Girls (Anyone and Everyone LP)
Marauders - (It's A World Of) Make Believe - (Power Popsicle Brain Freeze LP)
The Young Presidents - Loner (Relinquishing The Woman in The silk Pink Dress LP)
Dodgy - Are You The One (What Are We Fighting For LP) Out 2nd Sept.
The Red Lite District - She's An Animal ( Single)
The Higher State - The Worst Of Their Treason (Single)
Emptifish - Ain't Home (Single)
1966 - Alfie's Song (Back In The South Of Nowhere LP)
Orbis Max - Can't Live Without Your Love (Single)
Big Mountain County - Brain Machine (Anachronicle LP)
The Embrooks - Nightmare (Single)
The Who - Can't Explain (The Kids Are Alright LP)
Mark Bacino - Not That Guy (Single)
The Monkees - She Makes Me Laugh (Good Times LP)
The Bidons - 101 Ways (Clamarama LP)
David Brookings and The Average Lookings - Hearts (David Brookings and The Average Lookings LP)
Marvelous Beauhunks - Fantasy Merry Go-Round (Single)
Hello Bear - Spenser Avenue (Spenser Avenue Single)

August 19, 2016 11:40 PM PDT

Somerdale - Take It From The Top (Shake It Maggie LP)
The Forz - Seperate Ways (Single)
The Superslots Terrible Smashers - Hypocondriac (Kidnappings LP)
The Rolling Stones - Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, standing in the shadows (Forty Licks LP)
Low Doses - Bathroom Stall (In Love Again EP)
Eddy Best - All Night Long (Bang Banh LP)
Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Brown Paper Bag (Single)
The Boss - Don't Turn Away (No School Blazers LP)
Dave Burdick - I Can't Sit Still (Single)
Trey Garrity - Be Mine Too (Single)
Tobbe - Absent Minded Me (EP1 Summerbound)
Gretchens Wheel - Try To Make It (Behind The Curtain LP)
Hands Of Kanellos - Fogstomp (Lenz LP)
Cheap Star - Into Your Arms (Songs For The Farelly Brothers LP)
The Above - Just Can't Forget About That Girl (There Is A Reason LP)
The Crybabys - Tell Me (The Italian Job LP)
Vista Blue - At The Summer Olympics (Single)
Cheap Star - Stay Behind (Songs For The Farelly Brothers LP)
The Reign - Prize (The Long Wait LP)
The Olive Shoots - God, Please Forgive Me (Single)

August 13, 2016 12:02 AM PDT

Vista Blue - I Don't Want to Catch The Zika (At The Summer Olympics EP)
Talk Show Host - I Don't Want To Go To The Library (Perfectly Competent LP)
White Pagoda - Long Tongues (Everything Explodes LP)
The Capers - Oh So Fine (Oh So Fine LP)
Deep Six - Don't Worry About Me (Full Fathom Four EP)
Leika - Drops (Single)
The Jam - Town Called Malice (Single)
The Dahlmans - Tear Me Apart (Single)
Ed Ryan - Clementine (Roadmap LP)
The Sound Of Pop Art - Drama And Kisses (Freedom & Enterprise LP)
The Shameless Idols - Happenstance (Shamed and Defamed LP)
Ben Kweller - Walk On Me (Sha Sha LP)
Christopher Jameson - Cross Country Cemetary Lane (Alone LP)
Merry Widows - Sky & The Sea (Single)
The Corner Laughers - Fairytale Tourist (Matilda Effect LP)
Stupidity - Heartland (Fore LP)
The Red Plastic Buddah Band - Daisy Love (All Out Revolution LP)
Dot Dash - Holly Garland (Searchlights LP)

August 06, 2016 12:22 AM PDT

#149 Sugarbush Records Special

Trolley - I woke Up (Things That Shine And Glow LP)
Deadbeat Poets - It's Summertime (El Camino Real LP)
Nick Piunti - It All Comes Down (13 In My Head LP)
Markus Holler - Little Pretender (Achin' For Summer LP)
Cosmic Rough Riders - The Pain Inside (Panorama LP)
The Jangle Band - 282 (Edge Of A Dream LP)
Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab - City And The Stars (Beyond The Silver Sea LP)
Duncan Maitland - Your Century (Lullabies For The 21st Century LP)
Orgone Box - Judy Over The Rainbow (Centaur LP)
The Carousels - My Beating Heart (Love Changes Like The Seasons LP)
Caddy - Beautiful Strange (The Better End LP)
Pugwash - Kings And Queens (Almond Tea LP)
Chris Richards and The Subtractions - Sunny Day (A Smattering Of Mystery And Sound LP)
Daniel Wylie - Yesterday's A Waste Of Time (Chrome Cassettes LP)
The Green Pajamas - A Piece Of A Dream (Death By Misadventure LP)
The Dowling Poole - Empires, Buildings and Acquisitions (Bleak Strategies LP)

July 29, 2016 08:40 AM PDT

Condors - Back To Jackson (Single)
The Forty Nineteens - Best Days (Rebooted LP)
Trip Wire - Long Days Gone (Single)
Radiohearts - My Heart Has An Obituary (Tell You EP)
Hello Bear - Afternoon's Delight (Single)
The Armoires - Newberry Specatacle (Incidental Light Show LP)
The Walker Brigade - I Wanna Destroy You (EP)
The Monkees - You Bring The Summer (Good Times LP)
David Brookings and The Average Lookings - Place We Can Go (Self Titled LP)
The Embrooks - Helen (Single)
The Mads - On A Bus (Single)
Boys On The Beach - I Hate This Addiction (Addiction EP)
Supertonic Sound Club - Truly Something Special (Single)
The Superslots Terrible Smashers - Hypocondriac (Kidnappings LP)
3 Kisses - Over And Out (Cardboard Cutouts LP)
Hands Of Kanellos - Turn Around (Lenz LP)
Ed Ryan - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Roadmap LP)
Three Hour Tour - I Wanted You Around (B Side Oblivion LP)
Sally Stitches - My Cherokee (End Up On 98 EP)

June 06, 2016 08:16 AM PDT

Rick and Alex from the great "Chasing The Essential" podcast take the reigns for the Ice Cream Man for this weeks show.....do check out their brilliant podcast on Podomatic, absolutely top notch tunes!!!!


21st Century Rip Off - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Behind The Music)
Morning's White Vibration - The High Dials (A New Devotion)
Don't Look Back - The Remains (The Remains)
Johnny Appleseed- Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Global A Go-Go)
We R Power! - The Posies (Solid States)
Am - Elvyn (Valley of the Kilowatt Hour)
Stand Up - Freddy & The Four-Gone Conclusions (Wigged Out Sounds)
Monday - Wilco (Being There)
Bottle Up and Explode! - Elliott Smith (Xo)
Among Other Foolish Things - Brian Fallon (Painkillers)
Everything Hits At Once - Spoon (Girls Can Tell)
Want What I Can't Have - Arvidson and Butterflies (Arvidson and Butterflies)
Here Right Now - Reno Bo (Happenings and Other Things)
Picture Disc from the Benelux - Icecream Hands (Sweeter Than the Radio)
Cold Cold Cold - Cage The Elephant (Tell Me I'm Pretty)
Cool 'n' Out - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Global A Go-Go)

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